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RE-AK specializes in emotional, cognitive and behavioral intelligence. Our team’s passion is to understand the human experience in all situations and to make this knowledge available to everyone. Contact us if you want to develop exceptional experiences.

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“RE-AK provides a type of data that is unavailable by other means. Measuring customers’ state of mind, in situ, they are opening a new era in customer experience management.”
Daniel Fournier, DFSA
“RE-AK has a firm mastery of applied emotional and cognitive analysis for entertainment productions. Together, we’re working on providing a new way for our guests to interact with immersive content.”
Anouk Ethier, Nookii
“The solution developed by RE-AK helps us develop a finer understanding of the link between olfaction and emotions. They had a transformative impact on our practice.”
Audrey Bernard, Stimulation Déjà Vu
“Our collaboration with RE-AK has been instrumental in the realization of our adaptive movie VFC. Their expertise in processing biometric data in real-time over a network of 50 seats is unparalleled. Many told us it was impossible to do, RE-AK delivered it.”
Charles Stéphane Roy, SCINTILLA

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